Introduction :

    Our college has responsibility towards its stakeholders. At the same time these stakeholders contribute towards the development of college. The alumni are an important stakeholder. They are valuable assets of our college. The past students of the college are successful in various fields like teaching, government services, business, professions like lawyers, , company secretaries, etc. The college has encouraged meritorious past students to work as staff members in the college. The current M.N.Raut in geology , Smt.S.M. Mane in Marathi and Junior clerk Mr.A.P.Gund is a past students.

    Interactions with them have always been beneficial to college. The interaction with the past students is more of informal nature and mostly at departmental level. Various departments have frequent interaction with the past students. They are invited to share their experiences with the current students helping them getting exposed to the realities of world of work. They are also invited as experts at seminars, for delivering guest lecturers in the areas of their expertise, experts judges for competitions etc.

    In order to have continuous and formal interaction with the alumni college decided to form a Past Students Association in the name of Baburao Patil College Alumni Association.

Goals and Objectives :

  • To Promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the alumni and the present students of the Baburao Patil college of Arts and Science, Angar and between the Alumni themselves.
  • To Organize and establish coordination between alumni and help in overall development of college.

Vision :

  • To give back to the college/staying connected .
  • Sense of community of alumni.
  • Bring people together to support the college.
  • Appreciation for the education received / respect for the college.
  • Self-improvement ,life long learning.
  • CSommitment to public higher education

Mission :

  • Career opportunities /meaningful work in chosen field of endeavour
  • Produce and sustain active alumni.
  • Affordable education –career focused.
  • Preparing learners to be economically self sufficient and committed to civil responsibility.
  • Self environment/ open environment with genuine dialogue and relationships throughout the college.
  • Provide outstanding culture opportunities.

Alumni Association :

Sr. No. Members Designation
1 Mr. S.S. Thite Convener
2 Mr. M. B. Mulani Secretary
3 Mr. P. P. Kulkarni Co-convener
4 Mr. M. B. Bodake Co-Secretary
5 Mr. A. P. Gund Treasurer
6 Mr. S. C. Sarak Member
7 Mr. P. b. Mohite Member
8 Mr. S. D. More Member
9 Mr. A. D. Dongare Member
10 Mrs. R. K. Khatal Member
11 Mr. K. A. Patel Member