Department Profile

     The department of English is established with the establishment of the college. The students were provided the opportunity to pursue their higher studies in English Language and Literature.

     The department formed 2004 for the purpose of providing a platform for the development of multidimensional personalities by unfolding the hidden talent & skills. For strengthening the understanding of the subject & developing literary sensibilities of the students, every year various co-curricular activities are organized by the department. The department conducts many language activities for developing linguistic & communicative competence of the students. Organization of various extra-curricular activities by the department benefits the students in shaping up multifaceted personalities.

     All in all the department constructively contributes to imbibe values & inculcate skills among the students through the study of literature which is rich in experience for facilitating the path of their future prospects & exploration of the world.

‘English as the window on the world’

Declared by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, for being in the torrent of knowledge.


The Co-curricular & Extra- Curricular Activities at a Glance :
     The department has been organizing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities under the banner of “Literary Forum”. The following are few of the highlights of the activities conducted by the department.

  1. Spoken English Course :
    "Spoken English course" was conducted for the duration of three month by the department for enriching communicative competence by overcoming linguistic barrier.
  2. Workshop :
    The Department organized a workshop on the topic, “How to prepare for the compititaive exams .
  3. Seminar :
    The Department organized at college level seminar on the theme of “Indianness in Indian Writing in English”, with respect to different responses about the various Indian elements in Indo- English writing, under the quality improvement programme.
  4. Guest Lecture :
    For enhancement of the presentation skills of the students, the department arranged a guest lecture by various collegs.

Activities to be executed during the academic year 2017-18

  • A guest lecture on the topic “Linguistic and Communicative Competence” and “Research Methodology”..
  • "Bridge Course” for B.A students on the topic “Phonology of English”.
  • A visit to any of the established language lab.
  • Organization of the competitions like essay writing, debate, elocution, Extempore, Poetry Recitation & paper presentations etc.

The Courses Taught in the Department :

  1. Compulsory English.
  2. English Optional Paper- : Introduction to Poetry & Minor Forms of Literature.
  1. Compulsory English.
  2. English General Paper- : Understanding Fiction ,Drama ,Poetry (British Litrature)
  3. English Special Paper- : Understanding Poetry. Fiction ,Drama (Indian Literature)
T.Y. B.A.
  1. Compulsory English.
  2. English Paper- -  : Introduction to Literary Criticism & Critical Appreciation .
  3. English  Paper- (British Litrature)
  4. English  Paper-(Indian Literature)
  5. English  Paper-(Postcolonial  Literature)
  6. English  Paper- linguistic

B.Sc first and BSc Third – English Compulsory

Students’ Achievements : A Feather in their Cap

  • Few alumni are indulged in research activities in English Language and Literature.
  • The alumna Mr. Nitin Gund has qualified SET in English.
Sr. No. Name View
1 B.A II - English Compulsory View Syllabus
2 B.A II - Optional British Literature View Syllabus
3 B.Sc I - English Compulsory View Syllabus
4 Add on course Spoken english View Syllabus
5 B.A I English Optional Linguistic View Syllabus
6 B.A I English Literature and Language Optinal View Syllabus
7 B.A I English Compulsory View Syllabus
8 B.A III English Compulsory View Syllabus
9 B.A II English Optinal View Syllabus