Sr. No. Details of the Facility Quantity   
1. Total classrooms 6
2. Laboratories (Science, and Language) 7
3. Computer laboratories 1
4. Seminar halls 1
5. Playground 1
6. Central library 1
7. Administrative office 1
8. Parking areas 2
9. Canteen 1
10. Girls common room 1
11. Toilet Blocks 7

Sr. No. Equipment Quantity   
1. Computers 40
2. LCD projectors 2
3. Printers 3
4. Scanners 1
5. Fax machine 1
6. Photocopiers 1
7. Still cameras 1
8. CCTV cameras 25

Following facilities have been created to cater to the needs of physically challenged students:

  • Ramp
  • Wheelchairs
  • Library and reading room facilities are available on the ground floor.

A) Auditorium

The institution has A common auditorium with in-built audio / video system with the seating capacity of 250.

Sr. No. Facilities Nature
1. Computer Computers with internet facility
2. Intercom Facility Intercoms have been given to all offices and departments for convenience of communication
3. IQAC office Office for IQAC coordinator & central record
4. Library Access through DELNET / INFLIBNET
5. Gymnasium Well  equipped gymnasium
6. NSS office Office has all necessary equipments for special camps and regular activities
7. Sports office Office with necessary sports equipment and first aid facility
8. Competitive examination cell Competitive examination related books & records are maintained here.
9 Placement Cell The cell is involved in placement activity, pre-placement, registration of students & meetings with company HR managers
10 Yoga Certificate course  of  Yoga are conducting.
11 Water Constant supply of safe drinking water / R.O Water
12 Security Twenty four hours security


  • Total area of the library : 5000 sq.ft
  • Total seating capacity : 250

Tools facilitating Library Access:


  • OPAC is available for the readers to search information by keywords, author, title, etc.

Electronic Resource Management Package for E-journals:

  • The library has subscribed e-journals package from INFLIBNET and DELNET. Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases: OPAC, INFLIBNET, DELNET

Library Website:

  • The college website has a separate library portal. It provides information about the new arrivals, time table of issuing books, notifications, e-journals etc.

In-house / Remote access to E-publications:

  • Both in-house and remote access to e-publications is available.
  • The in-house access to e-publications is made available by facilitating services like INFLIBNET and DELNET.
  • For remote access, students can refer to e-resources any time through the user-id and password.

Library Automation:

  • The library is computerized which helps the students to search databases, refer to e-resources etc.
  • Total number of computers for public access : 20
  • Total number of printers for public access : 01
  • Internet band width / speed : 20 mbps

Institutional Repository:

  • The library has college magazines, annual reports. The library study room has syllabus sets and question paper sets (e-format). The books written and Ph.D. dissertations by the teachers of the college are maintained in the library (print format).

Content Management System for E-learning:

  • Sites of social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. are blocked so that students can have access only to e-resources.

Participation in Resource Sharing Networks / Consortia (like Inflibnet):

  • The library has the membership of INFLIBNET and DELNET. Through these, e-books and online databases are provided to the readers.