Goals and Objectives

  1. Making Rural Youths capable to grab global opportunities.
  2. Making Rural Youths responsible citizens.
  3. Availing necessary opportunities to outstanding students for bright career prospects.
  4. Making available all sources within institutions limit for progression of students.
  5. Making Students clean of utterance and behaviour.
  6. Inculcating humanity and patriotism among students.
  7. Promoting Leadership Qualities.
  8. Inculcating self development and cooperation among the students.
  9. Imprinting the importance of time and discipline in the minds of students
  10. Instilling students with activeness and rationalism.
  11. Strengthening the attitude of selfless services.
  12. Ignition to talent and commitment to task.
  13. To develop the Agro-based Entrepreneurship among the student