Department Profile

     The department of Marathi is established with the establishment of the college. The students were provided the opportunity to pursue their higher studies in Marathi language and Literature.

     The department formed 2004 for the purpose of providing a platform for the development of multidimensional personalities by unfolding the hidden talent & skills. For strengthening the understanding of the subject & developing literary sensibilities of the students, every year various co-curricular activities are organized by the department. The department conducts many language activities for developing linguistic & communicative competence of the students. Organization of various extra-curricular activities by the department benefits the students in shaping up multifaceted personalities.

     All in all the department constructively contributes to imbibe values & inculcate skills among the students through the study of literature which is rich in experience for facilitating the path of their future prospects & exploration of the world.


The department has been organizing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities .The following are few of the highlights of the activities conducted by the department

  1. Celebration of Marathi Rajbhasha day :
    The department is celebrating a Marathi rajbhasha day on 27th February
  2. Celebration of Marathi Bhasha Pandharwada :
    The department is celebrating a Marathi bhasha Pandharwada from 1st January to 15th January by organizing various activities like easy writing ,speech of writer, visit to bhilargaon,promise, kavyavacana day, oratoty competition.
  3. Seminar :
    The Department organizes students seminar on the syllabus based theme.
  4. Guest Lecture :
    For enhancement of the presentation skills of the students, the department arranged a guest lecture by various colleges.

Teaching Staff :

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Santosh Khandagale Assistant Professor
2 Mrs. Swati Mane Assistant Professor

The Courses Taught in the Department :

The Marathi subject is taught at compulsory & special level at graduate.

F.Y.B.A. : Semester-I
  1. Compulsory Marathi-Pratibharang
  2. Marathi Optional Paper-I: Natsamarat
  1. Compulsory Marathi-Pratibharang
  2. Marathi Optional Paper-II Nivdak narayan survey
S.Y.B.A. : Semester-III
  1. Marathi Optional Paper-III- Ranatalya Kavita
  2. Marathi Optional Paper-IV Shithyudh sadanand
  1. Marathi Optional Paper-V- Apan Manasat jama nahi
  2. Marathi Optional Paper-VI-Prakashwata
T.Y. B.A. : Semester -V
  1. Marathi Optional Paper-VII –Sahityasastra
  2. Marathi   Optional Paper-VIII-Bhasha vidnyan v Vyakran
  3. Marathi   Optional Paper-IX-Madhyayugin Marathi Vagmayacha Itihas (From 1100to 1800)
  4. Marathi   Optional Paper-X-Upyogit Marathi
  5. Marathi   Optional Paper-XI- Adhunik Marathi Sahityatil Vividh Pravah( Gramin v Dalit)
Semester –VI
  1. Marathi   Optional Paper-XII- Sahityasastra( Utaradh)
  2. Marathi   Optional Paper-XIII- Bhasha vidnyan v Vyakran( Utaradh)
  3. Marathi   Optional Paper-IVX- Madhyayugin Marathi Vagmayacha Itihas (From 1100to 1800) ( Utaradh)
  4. Marathi   Optional Paper-XV- Upyogit Marathi( Utaradh)
  5. Marathi   Optional Paper-XVI- Adhunik Marathi Sahityatil Vividh Pravah( Striwadi v Muslim)

Alumni of the department who passed out with flying colours ventured & established themselves in the following fields.

  1. Some alumni of the department have been placed in Mass Media as journalists.
  2. Some alumni have done their careers in police department.
  3. Few alumni have done their careers in the field of Teaching in schools, Jr. and Sr. Colleges.
  4. Some alumni have done their careers in Indian army.

Students’ Achievements : A Feather in their Cap

  • The alumna Mrs .Mane Swati Machhindra has qualified SET in Marathi.
Sr. No. Name View
1 B.A I - Marathi View Syllabus
2 B.A II - Marathi View Syllabus
3 B.A III - Marathi View Syllabus