Department Profile

     The Department of Physics is established in the year 2001. The Department Physics is one of the largest departments of campus. It has well equipped laboratories.


    The department of Physics organizes following activities: Science exhibitions, Quiz competitions, Seminar , PPT presentation, Guest lectures, and study Tour, Parents Teacher Meeting every year, As a part of Continuous Internal evaluation under activity based test the department conducts surprise test and home assignment . Department Conducts lectures for the preparation of Competitive Examination like NET, SET, and GATE, IIT-JAM in Chemistry every year. In addition to this the faculties of the departments are felicitated for special achievements.

Teaching Staff :

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Smt. V. S. Shinde Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET

Non-Teaching Staff :

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr.V.N Gund Lab Assistant B.Sc. B.Ed
2 Mr. Bapusaheb Pawar Lab Attendant B.A.

Courses :

1) B.Sc.I :
  1. Paper I : Theory : Mechanics and Properties of Matter.
  2. Paper II : Theory : Optics and Laser.

  3. Semester-II
  4. Paper III : Theory: Heat and Thermodynamics
  5. Paper IV : Theory: Electricity, Magnetism and Basic Electronics
2) B.Sc.II :

  1. Paper V : Theory : General Physics, Heat and Sound.
  2. Paper VI : Theory : Electronics.

  3. Semester-IV
  4. Paper VII : Theory: Optics
  5. Paper VIII : Theory: Modern Physics
Sr. No. Name View
1 B.Sc I - Physics View Syllabus
2 B.Sc II - Physics View Syllabus