Principal's Profile

A) Personal Detail :

  1. Name               : Suryawanshi Chandrakant Shripati.
  2. Designation      : Principal.
  3. Office Address : Baburao Patil Arts and Science College, Angar Tq. Mohal                             Dist.Solapur Pin-413214 ,State Maharashtra
  4. Home Address : Staff quarter, Loknete Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. Luxumi                                Nagar, Angar.
  5. Email                :

B) Academic Detail :

Sr. No. Name of Examination University Year of passing Class Subject
1 B. Sc. Dr. B. A.M.U. Aurangabad March 1993 First Class Chemistry, Botany, Physics
2 M. Sc. Dr. B. A.M.U. Aurangabad March 1995 Second Class Botany
3 Ph. D. Dr. B. A.M.U. Aurangabad January 2004 -- Aerobiology
4 DIT C-DAC Advanced computing Training School, Pune February 2000 First Class Diploma in information Technology

C) Research specialization :

Research Guide Since 2015

D) Teaching Experience :

Sr.No. Designation From to Class Taught Name of Insti.
1 Lecturer September 1995 B. Sc. I,II,III Jawahar Arts, Science and Commerce College, Anadur
2 Asst. Professor March 1999 B. Sc. I,II,III Jawahar Arts, Science and Commerce College, Anadur
3 Assoc. Professor January 2011 B. Sc. I,II,III Jawahar Arts, Science and Commerce College, Anadur
4 Principal December 2010 to till date B. Sc. III Baburao Patil Arts and Science College, Angar.

E) Research Publication :

Sr. no Name Department Name of journal / Publication Title ISSN/ISBN Year
1 Dr. C.S Suryawanshi Botany Thematics publication Areobiological Survey on Soyabean crop field at Naldurg at Osmanabad (MS) ISBN 978- 93-83192- 47-2 2014
2 Dr. C.S Suryawanshi Botany Aruna prakashan 103,Omkar Complex-Ausa Road Latur An Observation of Fungal species from regularly used pulse ISBN 978- 93-83389- 79-7 2013
3 Dr. C.S Suryawanshi Botany Thematics journal of Botany Vol. I Issue 4 Aerobiological investigation over Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea ) filed at Murum Dist. Osmanabad (MS) India ISSN 2250- 379X 2012
4 Dr. C. S. Suryawanshi Botany Indian Journal of Aerobiology V0l. 27No.1&2, 2014 Aerobone Fungal Spore Composition at Loknete Sugar Industries, Solapur ISSN No. 0971-1546 2014
5 Dr. C. S. Suryawanshi Botany Thematics Publication pvt. Ltd. First Edition 2014 Phytoplankton Diversity at Benetura Reservior from Murum, Dist. Osmanabad (MS) ISSN 2250- 379X 2014
6 Dr. C. S. Suryawanshi Botany Thematics Edition 2014 Aerobiological Survey on Soybean Crop Field at Naldurg Dist. Osmanabad (MS) ISSN 2250- 379X 2014
7 Dr. C. S. Suryawanshi Botany Atharva Publication Jalgoan Present and Future Status of India ISBN:978- 93-85026- 02-7 2015

F) Conference Attended and present paper :

Sr. No. Title of conference/seminar/ orientation/refresher/workshop Organized by National / state level
1 9th National Conference on Aerobiology Auroras Degree College, Hyderabad National
2 36th orientation course Academic staff college, Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad -
3 10th National conference on Aerobiology Dept. of Botany, Andhra University, Visakhpatnam National
4 NAAC Process of Assessment of Accreditation Arts science and commerce college, Naldurg state level workshop
5 Biotechnological Approaches Towards the Integrated Management of crop diseases Dept. of Botany Dr. B. A. M. U., Aurangabad National seminar
6 14th Refresher Course in Environmental Science Academic staff college, Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad --
7 Refresher course in Life Science Academic Staff College, Osmanaia University, Hyderabad --
8 NSS Program Officer workshop Shreekrushna College, Gunjati State level workshop
9 Frontiers in Plant Diseases: diagnosis and Management Maharashtra mahavidyalaya, Nilanga National conference
10 Biodiversity and Conservation of Nature and Natural resources Department of Zoology D. B. F. Dayanand C. of A. & S. Solapur National conference
11 Scope and Limitations of revised syllabus Dept. of Botany S. M. Dnyandeo Mohekar Mahavidyalaya, Kalamb --
12 16th National Conference on Aerobiology Dept. of Biotechnology and Envi. Study Bapuji Inst. Of engg. And Tech. Davangere National conference
13 Frontiers of Plant Sciences for sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Dept. of Botany A. S. & C. College, Naldurg National conference
14 32nd Annual Conference on Higher E. for Sustainable Development in the Changing world. Mumbai University Principals Association State level conference
15 New University Act. 2011 state level conference Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad State level conference
16 UGC and Govt. of Maharashtra emplymentation of Scheme workshop Solapur University, Solapur State level workshop
17 17th National conference of Indian Aerobiology Society Pune MAEERs, MIT group of Insti. Pune National conference
18 Biodiversity; Prospects and Potentials S. M. Dnyandeo Mohekar Mahavidalaya, Kalamb National conference
19. Challenges in the governance of higher Education Shivaji University Principals, Association, Kolhapur State level conference
20 Water Pollution and Solid Waste Management for Natural resources conservation Jawahar Arts, Science and comm. College, Andur National seminar
21 Plant Pathology Rajarshii shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur National conference
22 Commission for scientific and technical terminology Dept. of Higher Education new Dlehi Seminar
23 Role of Life forms in controlling pollution Daynand Science college, Latur National seminar
24 Recent Trends and Challenges in Science and technology Padmashri Vikhe Patil College of arts, science and Comm. Pravaranagar International conference
25 National conference on life science Dahiwadi College Dahiwadi National conference
26 New system workshop Deshbhkth S. Garad College, Mohal Workshop
27 Role of NAAC in Quality Enhancement of Colleges Maharashtra Mahavidyalaya, Nilanga National level seminar
28 Frontiers in Plant Diseases and its Control for Agricultural Development Adarsh Mahavidyalaya. Omerga National level seminar
29 35th state level conference North Maharashtra principal association State level seminar
30 Present scenario and future Challenges of Autonomous Colleges Rajarshi shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur National level seminar
31 Quality administration in Higher Education UGC Human Resource Development Centre Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad --

G) Academic Activity :

  • Affiliation committee member in Dr.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad and Solapur University, Solapur.
  • University selection committee.
  • Scrutiny committee.
  • Subject expert on placement committee (CAS) in various.
  • Subject expert on Research Recognition Committee (RRC) committee.
  • Distribution of Research Committee (DRC).
  • National Education Policy frame work committee.
  • Chairman of open defense of D. thesis.
  • Chief Guest and chairperson for national seminar on various.
  • Chief Editor of college
  • Chief convener of National seminar of Chemistry and Botany.
  • Chief convener of National seminar of History and Geography.
  • Member of joint chief superintendent for conducting exam variou.s
  • Member of paper.
  • Member of paper.
  • Member of practical examination in various.
  • NSS.
  • Life member of Indian Aerobiological.