Department Profile

     Department of Zoology to be established in 2001. It offers up to date & pertinent program of F. Y B.Sc. & S.Y. B.Sc. in zoology which emphasis on emerging areas of modern zoology including various advance courses like , genetics, Cell Biology, biological techniques, agricultural pest & Biochemistry, applied zoology (fishery, poultry, apiculture, sericulture, Goat farming, Dairy Science ) & classical zoology(taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, Histology) . The efforts of the department is to establish effective & innovative teaching.
To motivate the students department organizes biodiversity field excursions & visits to various research institutes, also organizes guest lectures by inviting various eminent personalities from various fields of zoology. In spite of this the department also conduct various extra curricular activities like quiz competition, flower petal arrangement, essay writing, project & model competition etc.


Guest Lectures :

    A guest lectures of following eminent personalities were organized by department.
    Zoology department organizes guest lectures of eminent personalities for F.Y. B.Sc. & S.Y. B.Sc. Students, which is the part of their extra-curriculum activity.

Study Tour :

    Zoology department organizes study tour for F.Y. B.Sc. & S.Y. B.Sc. Students, which is the part of their curriculum.
    There are visits to different institutes like , sericulture institute, fishery institute, & seacoast where students study the aquatic fauna, they do their own collection, classify organisms, observe live animals in their natural environment & have experience of field work.

Blood Group Detection Camp :

    Zoology department organizes blood group detection camp for all B.Sc and B.A Students, which is the part of our regular departmental activity.

Birds Watching :

    Zoology department organizes bird watching survey for S.Y. B.Sc. Students, which is the part of their curriculum.

Teaching Staff :

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Maruti . R. Pethkar Assistant Professor

Non-Teaching Staff :

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. V. N. Gund Lab Assistant
2 Mr. Bapusaheb Pawar Lab Assistant


  1. B.Sc.
  2. F.Y.B.Sc. Zoology
  1. Paper I : Theory : Animal Diversity I .
  2. Paper II : Theory : Cell Biology & Genetics.
  1. Paper III : Theory : Animal Diversity-II .
  2. Paper IV : Theory : Ecology, Ethology, Evolution & Applied Zoology

S.Y. B.Sc. Zoology

Semester III -
   Paper  V : Theory :  Animal  Diversity -III
   Paper VI : Theory :Cell Science, Genetics ,Biological Chemistry & Economic  Zoology

Semester IV -
   Paper VII : Theory :  Animal Diversity - IV
   Paper VIII : Theory :Histology and Physiology  

Research Activity :

  • Mr. M.R. Pethkar is Registered for Ph.D. at SRTM University Nanded.
  • Mr. M.R. Pethkar is Working on “Reproductive Biology of Same Ornamental Fish Species.”

  • List of Papers Published

  • M.R. Pethkar “Identification, Hemocyte Differentiation and Biochemical Analysis of Hemolymph of Crossopriza lyoni” National symposium cum workshop “Shankarlal Khandelwal Arts,Science and Commerce college, Akola. Abstract book Nov-2014.
  • M.R. Pethkar “ Antifungal activity of skin mucus of three cultivable fish species (Catla-catla, cirrhinus mrigal and anguilla-anguilla) “International Journal of zoological Studies,Vol-2,Issue-6 November 2017”.


  • The students are participates in different field work, visits, study excursion.
  • The students also participates in seminars, various competitions like project & model, quiz competition, Open Book exam etc.
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